Micah is a native of Lakeland, Florida and has been an integral part of the entertainment scene for over a decade. Very early in life Micah developed a passion for helping others, and also for music. It was with the encouragement of his family and friends that Micah was encouraged to pursue a career in the music industry. So at the age of 15 Micah started performing and a star was born .

A few years later Micah and a few close friends started a band called Legacy. It was then that Micah truly got a taste for the excitement that comes with entertaining others and he started playing more and more.  After building a reputation for quality entertainment, Micah formed the band 7th Floor that retained most of the members from Legacy, and the magic spread like wildfire.

7th Floor took Lakeland by storm, and with such a tight knit group, some original tunes started making their way out with almost every one of them penned by Micah Shane. In recent years while still holding true to his performance roots, Micah has concentrated on developing his songwriting and with great results. In late 2011 Micah was signed to EM Meridian Publishing which was aquired by Take 7 Media, LLC in 2013.

In recent months Micah released “Walk In Her Shoes” which has picked up international momentum. Slated to be included in a documentary that promotes anti-bullying, and already being played on iTunes radio, this emotional song was based on a true story and represents the powerful messages that music can hold.